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BBC Emulator Links


This is the very latest and greatest BeebEm release as maintained by Mike Wyatt. Excellent download, and well worth grabbing. Right now, BeebEm is the most comprehensive and user-friendly BBC emulator out there. Supports 6502 Tube processor in addition to BBC Model B and Master 128 support. Also has optimizations for laptop and netbook use in version 4 onwards.


B-Em is an up and coming, freeware BBC Model-B Emulator for Windows and DOS. It also has Model B+ and Master 128 Emulation. It's actively being developed, and is a solid emulator. Definitely worth taking a look, and you can also download the source code and compile it yourself if you are adventurous!

Tom Seddon's Model-B

Tom Seddon has completely re-written his Model-B emulator, and now it runs natively under Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and XP. It includes all the ROMS and seems to run like a charm. Supports BBC Model B, and Model B+ (64k,96k and 128k memory options). Definitely recommended!

Browser based Emulator Links

Mike Godbolt's Browser Emulator

Mike Godbolt has developed and released a browser based BBC Emulator. Relive your BBC Memories without neededing to download a specific BBC client! Emulates BBC Model B at the moment and supports loading of images. Games such as Elite are all easily playable.

Local Emulator Downloads

There are local copies of emulators that you may wish to use:

BeebEm Version 4.14 - The latest version of BeebEm maintained by Mike Wyatt. Has BBC Model B/B+ Master 128 and 6502 Tube Emulation.

BeebEm Version 3.3a - BeebEm for the Mac maintained by Jon Welch. Has BBC Model B/B+ Master 128 and 6502 Tube Emulation.

B-EM Version 2.2 - Version 2.2 of B-EM with support for multiple BBC Model emulation.

B-EM Version 2.2 for Linux - Version 2.2 of B-EM with support for multiple BBC Model emulation. Linux version.

Links to PC Game remakes of BBC Games

Ovine by Design

Offering freeware remakes of Imogen, Cholo, Jetman, and more.

Superior Interactive

Offering commercial remakes of Repton, Galaforce and others.

Links to other Sites

Many of the BBC Micro sites have disappeared recently; many others are what I call superficial sites where the front page is nice, but that's pretty much all there is. Here's a small selection of sites that are both in-depth and have made a huge difference in the world of BBC Micro emulation:

BBC Micro and Electron Games - The Stairway to Hell

Excellent page with many game cover scans, lots of game disk image files, instructions, hint sheets and other assorted downloads for the BBC Micro fan. A very good and very comprehensive BBC Games Reference site.

The BBC Games Archive

Comprehensive listing of hundreds of BBC Games, all sorted by publisher and many of them downloadable (although lots are in tape format, and must be converted before they are emulator playable). Some games have comments by the site author.

The BBC Lives!

The historical authority on all things BBC related. A very good reference site with huge amounts of BBC Computer information, lists of nearly all BBC emulators, a very good software archive, and much more. Hasn't been updated in over eighteen months so not sure if it is still actively being maintained. Unfortunately, it also has lots of banner and pop-up ads which somewhat get in the way of a good experience.
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